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Monthly Archives: April 2008

Ich möchte ein Grande Americano, bitte.

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Carol and I go to Starbucks a bit too often, but it’s a nice walk after dinner and the baristas there are nice–one even donated a kidney to a customer! In any case, it looks like we’ll be able to keep post-prandial over-priced coffee tradition alive in Heidelberg. There are two Starbucks [...]

Learning a Language

Since I’m moving to Germany soon, I’ve started trying to teach myself some German. I’m not much beyond the “Hi. How are you?” stage, but by listening to podcasts and working with a few different books, I’m making some progress.
Since learning is hard, I’ve let a bit of my geeky tendancies come through and started [...]

I love my cat

Elli on the Stairs
Originally uploaded by Mike A.
Our home was part of an agent tour today. Twenty-eight agents stopped by to get a look at the place to get an idea about if it will meet the needs of potential buyers that they represent and also to provide some feedback on the saleability of the [...]

Buy My House

The for sale sign got planted in front of our house this morning. Our house got added to the MLS system yesterday and there’s a virtual tour up online, too. I got my first spam call from a moving company on my way to work. I also just got a call from a realtor who [...]