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I miss my cat

The veterinarian’s office called tonight. Elli passed away at about 11:00 PM, August 14, 2008. Carol and I miss her very much.

Elli as a kitten, taken with an ancient digital camera.

She was my first pet after I graduated from college. I adopted her from the Columbus, Ohio Humane Society as a kitten in the Spring [...]

Poor Elli

Our 8-year-old cat, Elli, is suffering from Feline Hepatic Lipidosis. She has been eating very little since we moved to Germany about 5 weeks ago and nothing at all for the past few days. When that happens to a cat, their body respond by breaking down their fat and sending it to their liver to [...]

I love my cat

Elli on the Stairs
Originally uploaded by Mike A.
Our home was part of an agent tour today. Twenty-eight agents stopped by to get a look at the place to get an idea about if it will meet the needs of potential buyers that they represent and also to provide some feedback on the saleability of the [...]