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Buying Microsoft Points for Xbox Live While Overseas

Microsoft won’t accept my new credit card number for buying Microsoft Points for Xbox Live, since the card has an overseas military APO address. For anyone else in this predicament, a nice work around is to buy the points on and you can get an online code right away that you can enter into [...]

Happy New Year!

1993 Dom Perignon – Happy New Year!

Originally uploaded by Mike A.

How did I spend New Year’s Eve? By drinking Dom Perignon in my pajamas watching the Chick-fil-a Bowl go in to overtime. Classy.
We uncorked a bottle of Vintage 1993 Dom Perignon that’s been sitting in our basement. A college buddy of mine gave it to [...]

Sound to Narrows

WSDOT on Flickr

Nike+ Adidas Hack

Power’s Back

Trying out Flickr

Spring Flowers

Quick Project

Tidal Gardens wins business plan competition