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Homeowner No More

Our house sale closed today, finally. It was a bit more of a hassle being overseas that it would have been if we were local, but it wasn’t too bad. Actually, the biggest problem we had was finding legal-sized paper to print out the final documents that the escrow company had sent us. After looking [...]

I love my cat

Elli on the Stairs
Originally uploaded by Mike A.
Our home was part of an agent tour today. Twenty-eight agents stopped by to get a look at the place to get an idea about if it will meet the needs of potential buyers that they represent and also to provide some feedback on the saleability of the [...]

Buy My House

The for sale sign got planted in front of our house this morning. Our house got added to the MLS system yesterday and there’s a virtual tour up online, too. I got my first spam call from a moving company on my way to work. I also just got a call from a realtor who [...]