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Be careful where you park

31st & Proctor
Originally uploaded by Doug Klippert

This happened a couple blocks from my house. 31st is lined with many beautiful, old maple trees, and one decided it had enough and flattened the truck parked underneath it.
I found this photo because I follow Flickr’s RSS feed for photos tagged “tacoma”. We walked by this over the [...]

Tacoma’s A Riot!

Tacoma’s A Riot! Jul 12, 1935
Originally uploaded by B. Nagurski
Forget those Seattleites, forget pithy Olympians, no need for bored Portland youth, when Tacomans want a riot, we know how to throw down!
Someone on Flickr has been uploading a bunch of neat vintage photos from Tacoma. Here’s a particularly interesting one with a neat story, [...]