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Buying Microsoft Points for Xbox Live While Overseas

Microsoft won’t accept my new credit card number for buying Microsoft Points for Xbox Live, since the card has an overseas military APO address. For anyone else in this predicament, a nice work around is to buy the points on and you can get an online code right away that you can enter into [...]

Lord of the Strings

It took a few tries, but I finally did it:

That second solo in Green Grass & High Tides is a killer.
Also, if you haven’t seen it, Aaron has put together a list of all of the Rock Band songs available as MP3s through Amazon.

Another Xbox 360 Optical Drive Bites the Dust

I fired up the old 360 on Saturday night play a few rounds of Halo 3 and was greeted by a nice series of grinding noises as the optical drive spun up. Once the game had loaded, the noise stopped, so I joined up with some friends for some Team Slayer ranked matches. We were [...]