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October 09, 2006

Monday Night Football

Dear ABC and ESPN:

I turned off Monday Night Football when you brought that guy from Desperate Housewives into the broadcasting booth. I wanted to watch some football, not a promo for a late-night soap opera. Overall, I've been disappointed with your college and NFL football broadcasts this year, each one having at least one tie-in with an unrelated ABC show that I have no interest in watching.

Please let me watch my football in peace.


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October 06, 2006

Foodry - the Blog

I've set up a blog for Foodry where I'll be posting stuff, if anyone's interested:

Foodry - The Blog

(Oh, and foodry now has maps! That's right, it's a mash-up.)

October 03, 2006

Another Project

Writing about my last project got me in the mood to put together something a bit more useful that what's currently a bunch of Google ads. I was also looking for a good reason to do a little web 2.0 and AJAX programming, so I've used an hour here and there to put together [trumpet fanfare here] foodry.

What is it? Well, not a lot at the moment, but it's got a nice web 2.0-sounding name, doesn't it? That's what you get when you try to register a domain name an hour and a half after you should have gone to bed. Actually, as of this posting, it's a mostly-empty database of its users' favorite restaurants. A bit more work will allow the users to mark others as friends and see their reviewed restaurants and other social-networky type things like that. Also, there will be tags. There must be tags. This is web 2.0 we're talking about here.

So, if you have a moment and the desire, sign up for an account and give it a little test spin. It's not guaranteed to work. It's probably guaranteed not to work in some places. If you find anything incredibly broken or ugly, send me an e-mail to info at foodry dot com.

Please note that there is no AJAX or other neat shiny things yet. Those will come, do not fear.

Also, Firefox 2.0 has neat spell checking built right in. I like that.

Update 10/04/06 11:38 PM: We have tags!

Update 10/05/06 6:43 PM: Tags work for real, now. I mean it.