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Curious Vaio Behavior

We just got a Sony Vaio SZ140. It's pretty cool: lightweight, great screen, nice performance, and all that. There's one thing that bugs the heck out of my wife, though. When she's browsing the web on battery power, some not-insignificant number of the pages take a long time to load, in both Internet Explorer and Firefox. These hanging page loads are on major sites like Google and Amazon, so it's probably not a problem on their end. Also, the problem seems to go away as soon as the notebook is plugged in. Even stranger (to me, at least) is that when the browser is just waiting there for the page to start loading, a second click on the same link will invariably load the page very quickly.

I've never noticed this behavior on my PowerBook, so I'm not really sure what's up. Unless the battery vs. plugged-in behavior is a red herring, I'd guess that it has something to do with the power management stuff that happens in those situations. It seems like a strange symptom of that, though, especially noting the second-click quick page loads.

Any ideas?

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If you've installed some software since you got the machine, try going back to ground zero state. Windows has a restore to previous version option. If that doesn't work, I'd whipe the drive and reinstall a clean system.

The laptop is practically in a zero state right now, since I've only had it for a week. The only installs have been Firefox and a couple of games, both of which were installed after the problems. I'm thinking there's some OS setting or some issue with the crap that Sony istalls with new laptops. I'd due a complete wipe, but I don't have any XP install disks.

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