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Mariners First Half in Review

Over at Lookout Landing, they've posted First Half in Review: Mariners Go Camping. It's funny stuff--if you have an unhealthy need to watch every Mariners game like I do. Here's a quick excerpt (to set the scene, the M's are lost in the woods and have been wandering for days):

Everett: "Hey, I think I know where we're supposed to go."
Petagine: "You know, I have a map here in my pocket-"
Hargrove: "What's that, Carl?"
Everett: "I said I think I f-cking know where we're supposed to go, grampa."
Meche: "This again..." :rolls eyes:
Hargrove: "Which way?"
Petagine: "...it's a detailed map...creeks, rocks, it's got everything in it..."
Everett: "We gotta go over there. See that moss? Moss always grows in the shape of an arrow."
Woods: "What?"
Hernandez: "That's not true. In the Boy Scouts we learned that moss always grows on the...on the..."
Hargrove: "Sounds good. Guys. GUYS! Follow Carl, he knows where we're going."

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