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June 22, 2007

Books for Radiology Residents

My wife is the chief resident of her radiology department, and as such, she asked me to put together a web site listing out all of the recommended books for the residents in her department. The incoming first year residents are starting soon, so she gave me a list of ISBNs and I set up:

Recommended Books for Radiology Residents


Also, if anyone knows of residency departments wanting to create such a list, let me know and I'll be happy to add them to the web site.

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June 14, 2007

Sound to Narrows

After the Run
Originally uploaded by Mike A.
Here we are after running the Sound to Narrows 5K, wet and victorious. Well, we were victorious in that we successfully completed our first organized running event--in the rain, no less.

Official time: 30:34:00
Official pace: 9:51 per mile

June 06, 2007

Inspirational quote of the day

If you go to the pet store and can't decide between a cat or a bird, and you get the cat, you don't take it home and train it to fly. It's not going to work, and all you're going to end up with is a short temper and a lot of broken little kitty legs. No, you take that cat home and train it to be the best damn cat on the block. It might not do laps around the ceiling or sing you pretty songs, but I'd like to see a parakeet keep snakes off the lawn.

That's from a writeup of last night's Mariners game at Lookout Landing.